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brow brush

#1: This is the perfect brush for applying color and shaping your brows. Its short, stiff bristles and narrow angle provide an exact application. The firmness of this brush is important to its ability to give precise placement of color. The edges of the brush are tapered, for softness of color application and to help in blending. Itís traditionally used for applying brow powder and crŤme brow color, but is also your best friend for blending eyebrow pencil once applied.

eyeshadow brushes

#11: This tapered brush expertly applies your favorite midtone shade in the crease with precision, from the outer corner of the eye to the inside corner. The shape helps apply your color right where you want it while helping blend your color to perfection.

#13: This is a miracle brush no woman should be without .This precision-shaped brush is perfect for apply your favorite shade of eyeshadow along the lower lash line while giving you a smudged and blended effect (no harsh lines). Also perfect for creating a defined line of color in the crease of the eye.

#14: This brush is perfect for applying your highlight shade at the inside corner of the eye and the lower lash line (which you will discover opens the eyes for a wide-eyed, youthful look). Itís also perfect for smudging liner and detailed color application.

smudged and blended effect (no harsh lines). Also perfect for creating a very defined line of color in the crease of the eye.

#22: Use this brush to precisely apply your highlight shade to your browbone and lid. It also works well for applying color anywhere to your eye when you want a brush with a slightly stiffer feel.

#28: This soft brush is the perfect for all over blending .It is a must when youíre wearing more than one eye color. Keep this brush free of color, so you can use it to blend multiple shades of eyeshadow flawlessly. Use it over and across the lid after you have applied all your eyeshadow to blend all your shades together, without making the colors on your lid look muddy.

#30: This precision brush, made of hair with the edges tapered for blending, is perfect for applying your most intense shade of eyeshadow along the lash line and into the outer corner of the crease of the eye. Its shape is ideal for creating a wide variety of looks and effects.

eyeliner brush #41: A tiny brush with big results, itís my secret weapon for eyes that grab attention with subtle perfection. Use this synthetic bristle brush to push color into your lash line; your eye color will really pop and your lashes will look absolutely thick. Itís also perfect for very detailed lining.

eyeliner brush

#40: This flat, synthetic brush is used to line and define eyes with eyeshadow or to apply powder over your pencil liner to create a more subtle effect. It is also great for blending your pencil without adding color: Simply brush across the pencil to smooth and perfect the line. Perfect for wet or dry use.

complexion and face-perfecting brushes

#50: This synthetic brush applies concealer with exact precision. Its tapered shape allows you to cover spots or flawed areas of the face without over-blending or overworking your concealer. Without this brush, you cannot cover the tiny flaw you want to disappear. A concealer brush is an absolute must-have.

#60: A big, fluffy, ultra soft brush with a slightly tapered head shape that is perfect for brushing on loose powder smoothly, giving you sheer, even application.

#73: This brush is so versatile, itís irreplaceable! Itís perfect for loose and pressed powder, unbelievable for removing excess loose powder after powder puff application, and priceless for very detailed blush and face contour application. Itís size and shape allow you to apply blush and bronzer with more precision.

lip brush

#80 : This soft lip brush with a fine tapered point is perfect for applying lipstick and lip gloss with precision. 


Don't forget to clean and condition your brushes for a longer life.