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sheer lip with stained brightness in fushia or red

            If you want your lips to be the center of attention, then this is the holiday look for you. What makes this technique different from looks you have done in the past is we want your bright lip to be stained with a high shine finish. Not only is this look incredibly beautiful and on trend, but this technique will keep your lips looking great all night no matter what you do! One of the key aspects of this look is when wearing a bright intense lip you need a softer eye look. Let’s start with the softer eye look first.


Eye application:

  • Highlight shade: Using a shimmer shade for adding glow, take brush #10 and apply a shimmering flesh (honey spice) to the brow bone and the lid.
  • Midtone shade: Using a matte shadow to make it look ultra natural, take brush #29 and a neutral brown (hazelnut for ivory/ beige and cinnabar for bronze/ ebony). Starting in the crease, apply your midtone color from the outer to the inner corner of the eye. Using brush #13 sweep the same color underneath the lower lashline for definition.
  • Eyeliner: Start by taking a dark brown (deep brown) eyeliner pencil and line the upper and lower lashline. Remember to keep the color as close to the lashline as possible. Make sure the line increases from thin to thick as you go toward the outer corner. Next using a dark brown shadow (cinnabar or espresso) and brush #18, now go over your pencil and fine-tune it, making it the perfect shape and smudging it to soften the line. The shape of the brush make it so easy just lay it along the line and work it back and forth to smudge.
  • Now take brush #14 and your highlight shadow and highlight the inside corner underneath the lower lashline (wrap the color around the inside corner of the eye) for added sparkle.
  • For an extra ‘wow appeal’, apply false eyelashes.


Lip application:


  • Line the outer edges of the lips with a deep berry lip liner (plum), then fill the lip in, all except the very center area of the lip, with liner. I find that using a deeper liner grounds the color and the lips. Now go over the liner you just applied with brush #80 or #81 to blend (with precision). This is the first line of defense in getting your lip color to last. Lip liner has a dryer texture than lipstick, so it lasts longer.
  • Next using brush #80 or #81 (which is so important in perfecting this look); apply a bright, fabulous red or pink lipstick (red or hibiscus, just depending on what tone you like better). Either is perfect for this look. Then, take a tissue and gently blot your lips. This will remove the moisture from this layer yet leave you with a deposit of pigment. Next, reapply your lipstick and blot again. Layering color like this will give you double the pigment deposit, thus increasing how long the color will wear and creating the look of a stain.
  • Finish with a rich burgundy lip gloss (berry sparkle) for the perfect shine. Shiny lips are always sexy (a must). Do not forget to use a brush to apply your gloss, whenever you apply gloss with a brush it will always look shinier.

With this look; a softer cheek works best. Try skipping color. Just use bronzer for a bit of definition.


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