beauty blender sponge and cleanser:

What makes this egg-shaped sponge so amazing is the texture and the shape, which allows you to create an airbrushed finish with your foundation.

how to:

  • place your pink sponge under the faucet and gently squeeze out the excess water.
  • you will notice the sponge increases in size, making the continuous surface of the sponge velvety smooth for application.
  • roll in a paper towel or regular towel to wick out excess moisture
  • you can dab your sponge into the concealer, foundation liquid or crème, or apply product directly on the sponge- it will not absorb your product because it is a very dense sponge
  • just glide the sponge on your face, noticing how the round bottom part of the sponge is great for blending all over, and the soft egg shaped tip is best under the eyes and around your nostrils.
  • stipple ( using a patting motion) to blend for sheer layering-giving your face that airbrushed flawless finish
  • pump a little of the cleanser onto the sponge, wet the sponge and gently work the sponge into a lather, notice how you are cleaning and rinsing out the makeup product and disinfecting your sponge with the natural cleanser.
  • set the clean wet sponge in an airy location, prop it on top of the cleanser bottle- or use the plastic pedestal included in the  packaging, within a few hours the sponge will retain its original shape and be ready to use many, many times over!


powder puff

The best puffs are usually fluffy, with a soft velour texture. The beauty of this puff is that it allows you to really push the powder into the skin, creating a smooth, evenly applied, flawless finish.

how to:

  • dab the fluffy puff onto loose powder
  • lightly shake off excess
  • press the powder on your face as a finishing touch to “set your makeup”
  • use a clean powder brush to brush off any excess powder
  • you can gently machine wash and dry and reuse this puff many times.


concealer pencil

With concealer you need to make the right color choice.  Choose the same shade as your foundation, or a shade that is one shade lighter, for most things you want to conceal.

how to:

  • this pencil comes with its own sharpner so you are able to  pinpoint your concealer application
  • use the concealer on the discolored areas of your face, a blemish, under eye shadow, etc
  • using your ring finger – stipple ( using a blending patting motion )
  • then apply your foundation; liquid, crème, or mineral powder.


concealer brush #50

With a cream or liquid concealer- this is the best brush to “stay within the lines” only apply concealer to the discolored areas.

·        similar to the how to with the concealer pencil-

·        use this brush for application for crème or liquid concealer

·        stipple to blend in the texture of your concealer with your foundation and make it invisible.

·        since this brush is made of synthetic brush hairs- wash with soap and water after every use


foundation brush #51

Use this perfectly tapered, synthetic bristled brush to apply cream or liquid foundation evenly and flawlessly onto the skin.

  • this brush will give you a smooth, even application of your crème or liquid foundation
  • dab into your crème or liquid foundation- or finger spot the foundation on your skin and use the brush like you were “painting your face”
  • remember the last strokes are to be in a downward motion to smooth the natural softness of your facial hairs
  • this brush is a great choice for  producing a flawless perfect finish to your skin. Use this brush for the perfect end- of -the-day touch-up.
  • since this brush is made of synthetic brush hairs- wash with soap and water after every use


mineral concealer brush #52

After application of your mineral powder foundation- this brush is designed to detail areas on your face that require a little more coverage.

  • Since mineral foundation powder is a layer-able technique- for more coverage you will need a mineral powder concealer brush
  • use this precision shaped brush under the eyes, around the nostrils to build up your mineral powder placement
  • this will make your application more flawless and even out your  skin tone
  • since this brush is made of synthetic brush hairs- wash with soap and water after every use


mineral foundation brush #74

Use this squirrel hair brush to apply mineral powder foundation perfectly and evenly all over the face.

  • The size and tapered shape of this brush is designed for small detailed or larger areas of application
  • shape and density of a brush are paramount to their effectiveness in creating a flawless and even application
  • to clean this brush- use a professional brush cleaner or a mild shampoo and leave-in conditioner, rinse well and air dry by laying the brush on a flat surface with the bristles correctly shaped.

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