my makeup makeover software program


Don’t you hate “no-shows”? Wouldn’t you love to increase your holding ratio?

“It’s all so simple, if you follow these three basic steps- getting them in front of you is 99% of your success!”

“Make your customer feel pampered like a celebrity- in the chair of a professional makeup artist and best selling author; robert jones.” Julianne Nagle NSD


For optimal use-This program is designed to be used for you and your customer, in front of a computer.  Together you will reveal a computerized makeup look created specifically for her.  It is easy and takes very little time- time that you and your customer will enjoy the experience of discovering what her makeup desires are and developing a look that reflects her own unique lifestyle.

Please visit our dedicated website www.mymakeupmakeover.com for additional information.



  • Install the My Makeup Makeover software program to your computer ( you can install this program to as many computers as you like-the disk is required to be in the hard drive when you are using the program).
  • Click on the My Makeup Makeover icon on your computer and open the program, waiting for two windows at your bottom task bar to appear; ‘my makeup makeover’, and ‘simple beauté data’.
  • Once the software’s home page appears; click on “just for you” fill in your contact details on this page, then be sure to  click on ‘register” and fill in your details so we can contact you via email of any future updates with your color line – for a very nominal fee of five dollars.
  • If you have any support questions- you can email mymakeupmakeover@mindspring.com – there are faq support questions available on the dedicated website www.mymakeupmakeover.com


  • Also, on our  www.mymakeupmakeover.com home page, click on “print outs” print the pre-profile forms and interview your customers over the phone or at a basic skin care class, or if an existing customer- just fill in the information you already have.
  • With this information you can then create a new makeover for your customer.
  • Click on “new makeover” on the home page of the software program.
  • Follow prompts and enter your customer’s information from your completed  pre-profile form.
  • Click on and ‘save’ as many looks as you want from the final page report- every personalized look you choose will be saved to your customer’s data base.


·         Print as many of your customer’s saved final page reports as you want

·         Print her eye shadow application diagram

·         Print her sample page

·         Print her before and after page format

·         All of  these report pages are available to pre-print on   www.mymakeupmakeover.com



 Here are some great ideas from our software users:


At every basic skin care class, I take photos of each person, and keep them so when I follow up with a color class, all I have to do is look at her picture – and create a profile for her- this photo also serves as a great before picture!!



I decided to purchase the My Makeup Makeover software because of my lack of confidence in choosing color for my customers.  It not only helped me gain my confidence in color choices but made my sales soar.  This is a treasure that every consultant should not be without.....a basic necessity for a successful Mary Kay business and return customer satisfaction again and again. 



 I have never had so many bookings!

The sales are terrific. Every appointment that I have held has left with their look. Plus I am selling skincare and lots of other products due to the questions that they answer on their concerns.

I also love training my new gals with the program. I use it in my new consultant training and also at my sales meetings.



This computer program has totally revitalized our unit.  We use it as a booking tool, a customer gift of appreciation, and a training tool.  Consultants are learning to listen for clues when talking with their customers so they can promote this tool.   

Some new tools lose their "newness" and become forgotten after a period of time.  Not My Makeup Makeover!  We're as excited about it now as we ever were. 

Thanks so much!  We are LOVING it! 



How to use at a Training Center Guest Night:

Set up five stations with Directors or consultants:

  • Station one: greet and pre-profile guests using Robert’s pre- profile questionnaire.
  • Station two: stripe test in natural daylight (use daylight bulbs during the evening)
  • Station three: have a laptop w/ printer - go through all the details requested by Robert- you can easily use the pre-profile pages to expedite the input of information- however; it can take about five minutes to  confirm her eye shape, her lip shape, her eye color, lifestyle, etc.
  • Station four: print out her final look page if you have a printer- if you do not have a printer- you can simply write in the information on a pre-printed final report page.
  • Station five: compile the samples of her look from her final report  page, give her a pre-printed copy of  her eye shape diagram and let her apply her look right there! If she runs out of time- you can simply attach the color samples to the sample page for a professional presentation.


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