• #40 eyeliner

    eyeliner #40 A flat  brush used to line and define eyes with eye shadow or to apply powder over your pencil liner. Perfect for wet or dry use.
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  • #41 fine eyeliner

    fine eyeliner #41 A tiny brush with big results. This  brush helps push shadow into the lash line to make lashes look thicker and make your eye color pop.
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  • #42 liquid eyeliner

    liquid eyeliner #42 This liquid liner brush is used for drawing fine, precise lines along lash line. Gives you the perfect Audrey eye.
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  • #50 concealer

    concealer #50 This brush is used to apply concealer with precision. It allows you to cover spots or flawed areas of the face without over blending or over working concealer. Wash after every use with a gentle soap and rinse with water.
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  • #53 pointed concealer

    pointed concealer #53 Used to apply concealer with precision. It allows you to cover spots or flawed areas of the face without over blending or over working concealer. It's pointed shape makes it the go to brush for under eyes and other spots on the face.
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  • #54 pointed foundation

    pointed foundation #54 Use this  brush to apply cream or liquid foundation evenly and perfectly onto the skin. It will give a smooth, even application of foundation like no other tool can, especially over the foundation you may already have on. The best tool for end of the day touch-ups.
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  • #58 foundation brush


    foundation brush #58

    The custom-made natural bristle flat brush head allows you to buff the foundation onto the skin. It distributes pigments evenly, creating a totally flawless, air-brushed finish. The perfect brush for creme to powder foundation because of it bristles and their design.

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  • #59 radiant concealer/blender brush

    radiant concealer/blender brush #59 This brush has luxuriously soft, densely packed fibers that are arranged in an oval shape. The go to brush for apply and stippling out your radiant concealer. Perfect brush for the shading or blending of creamy or powdery products.
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  • #60 blush or powder

    blush or powder #60 Use this fluffy brush to dust on cheek color and blend in beautifully. Its full domed shape gives you perfect application.
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  • #64 ultimate blush

    ultimate blush #64 This brush is the perfect apple popping blush brush.  The tapered shape is designed specifically for the application of your blush color to the “apples of the cheek”.
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  • #73 detail powder / blush

    detail powder / blush #73 Two uses: for a fine and precise application of blush, or to remove excess powder from tight areas, after application of loose powder with a velour puff.
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  • #74 mineral foundation

    mineral foundation #74 Use this brush to apply powder foundation perfectly and evenly all over the face. The size and tapered shape makes it perfect for small detailed or larger areas of application.
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  • #76 detail powder brush

    detail powder brush #76

    robert spent 5 years to perfect this unique detail powder brush.

    Ideal application for highlight powder for under eyes, on top of eye lids, applying your highlight powder to create a desired oval face shape, Plus adding spot shimmer.

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  • #80 lip brush

    lip brush #80 A soft brush with a tapered fine point to apply lipstick and lip gloss with precision.
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  • essential brush collection

    $274.95 $189.00
    essential brush collection All of the essential brushes you need to create a perfect look! Comes with a zip brush case. Collection includes brushes # - 1,11, 13, 14, 22, 28, 30, 40, 50, 60, 73, and 80.
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