• beauty blender Solid cleanser

    beauty blender Solid Solid is the travel friendly alternative to the original blender cleanser liquid, providing the same cleansing results and the soothing lavender fragrance for your original beauty blender applicators and makeup brushes.
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  • classic eyelash curler

    classic eyelash curler this power curler with a unique movement applies consistent pressure at exactly the right place for a knock-out, natural curl.
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  • foam rubber makeup sponges

    foam rubber makeup sponges

    Professional grade foam rubber makes these sponges the perfect tool for applying foundation, they wash beautifully after each use.

    48 piece bag

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  • my makeup makeover™ face pad

    my makeup makeover™ face pad

    Designed for you to illustrate with the actual makeup. One pad fits comfortably in the inside pocket of notebook

    Pad is sold in pks of 2 (50 pages each pad)

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  • parian spirit brush cleaner 8oz

    parian spirit brush cleaner 16oz Environmentally safe product that thoroughly and gently cleans sable, squirrel and other fine brushes. this unique cleaner dissolves all types of makeup products, (powder, liquid, wax based and adhesive), while conditioning and disinfecting brush hair. Excellent for larger blush, bronzer and powder brushes because of being a spray. Quick drying with a fresh citrus scent.
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  • teaze brush

    teaze brush teaze features three rows of boar bristles in a concave shape to contour the scalp. Staggered bristle height for easier lift and penetration
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  • velour powder puff

    velour powder puff This machine washable velour powder puff is the perfect tool for applying loose powder.
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  • vera mona solo dry brush cleaner


    vera mona solo

    These great sponges come in a little tin and basically all you do is rub the brush around the sponge for a few seconds and it takes off all the old makeup!

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